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Flowmeter Calibration
& Performance Validation Services

Our growing range of high performance, real-time flowmeters are designed to provide precise liquid flow rate measurement in applications including HPLC, µHPLC, LC/MS, GPC/SEC, Ion Chromatography and flow chemistry. We offer different models each optimized for a particular range of flow rates. Ensuring the ongoing precision and accuracy of these devices is crucial and therefore calibration of our flowmeters deserves special attention.

Consistent high accuracy, however, is only achieved if the device is calibrated with the particular solvent or solvent mixture used in your planned application. The calibration itself, therefore becomes crucial and needs to be performed observing strict rules of operation.

To support our rapidly expanding base of customers - TESTA Analytical has invested in a high-quality calibration and validation service exclusively for users of its flowmeter products. All calibration and validation service work will be performed at the TESTA Analytical main facilities in Teltow, Germany.

TESTA Analytical undertakes that your flowmeter validation or calibration will be performed within one week from the date the instrument is received at our facility.

• Download calibration services information

• Download comparison of 10-point versus 3-point calibration services