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OEM Detectors Enhance Monitoring of Polymerization Reactions

⇤ NEWS | 14th May 2020


Online monitoring of polymerization reactions

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K reports on the development and supply of key detector components for ACOMP, a smart manufacturing system by Fluence Analytics that continuously analyzes polymers during production.

ACOMP is an automated monitoring system that produces real-time data about reaction kinetics and polymer properties, including residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity.

Carlo Dessy, Managing Director of Testa Analytical said, "Fluence Analytics is a pioneering developer of novel analytics solutions for optimizing the efficiency and quality of polymer and biopharmaceutical production.  Fluence Analytics selected us to to develop rapid scanning UV and differential refractive index detectors for ACOMP. Unlike many OEM projects we have worked on, this was not a chromatographic application. There is no separation involved. With the requirement for detection at higher flow rates, we had to adapt our standard UV and differential refractive index detectors. We also had to write new software for this polymerization monitoring application."

"TESTA Analytical is a highly respected manufacturer of refractive index and UV detectors with an impressive record of designing innovative solutions to target challenging applications. TESTA Analytical’s support has enabled Fluence Analytics to help customers increase polymer yields, quality and consistency; optimize process.

control; and reduce cycle times and material usage,“ said Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics. For further information on the ACOMP, visit https://fluenceanalytics.com/acomp/.

Backed by decades of experience, Testa Analytical has created a range of high-performance GPC/SEC detectors, GPC/SEC Pumps, accessories and software products customizable to meet your exact needs. Our team of knowledgeable technical and engineering staff are available to discuss your OEM needs and to provide seamless integration of our technology into your existing or new product. For further information please click here to contact Testa Analytical Solutions (+49-30-864-24076).

Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. is a company dedicated to supplying the best possible instrumental solutions for characterization of polymers, particles, nanomaterials and proteins. Drawing upon over 30 years’ experience of technologies serving these markets, the staff at Testa Analytical are happy to share their knowledge with researchers worldwide to help provide them with a working solution for even the most demanding applications.


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