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Testa Analytical Technologies Testa Analytical Technologies

Backed by decades of experience, Testa Analytical has created a range of high-performance GPC/SEC detectors, GPC/SEC Pumps, accessories and software products customizable to meet your exact needs. Our team of knowledgeable technical and engineering staff are available to discuss your OEM needs and to provide seamless integration of our technology into your existing or new product.

Here are some examples of OEM projects we have undertaken:

Solvent Line Monitor...for liquid chromatography techniques.

Running out of solvent when running an HPLC or any other liquid chromatography system is a problem most separation scientists will have encountered. Your chromatograph running out of solvent can lead to loss of data, need to re-prime the pump / system downtime and often necessitates system re-validation to make sure the obtained results are within expected limits. The Solvent Line Monitor is designed to eliminate this problem, without any user input or need for regular resetting. The Solvent Line Monitor runs independently and is fully compatible with almost any liquid chromatograph.

Another commonly experienced problem in liquid chromatography systems can arise from unexpected air or gas bubbles. The presence of bubbles or microbubbles can result in changes in retention times, pulsating baselines, unexpected changes in peak areas, irregular peak shapes, pump outages and excessively high back pressures. Connected to a liquid chromatograph pump feed line, the Solvent Line Monitor will non-invasively check the status of liquid flows for air / gas bubbles and stop operation if any are detected thereby increasing the performance reproducibility and reliability of any liquid chromatography or flow chemistry system.

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Refractive Index Detector Kits...for HPLC techniques.

A high-performance Differential Refractive Index (DRI) detector is widely acknowledged as one of the most flexible detectors for liquid chromatography use. A DRI is a detector that measures the refractive index of an analyte relative to the solvent. They are often used as detectors for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gel permeation /size exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC). DRI’s are considered to be universal detectors because they can detect anything with a refractive index different from the solvent.

Based on decades of experience in the field, TESTA Analytical Solutions designed a DRI Detector adaptable to fulfil the specific demands of different OEM clients. The key to this versatile detector is based upon modularity of the DRI kit from which it is designed.

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Liquid Chromatography FlowmeterReal time monitoring of chromatography system flow rate.

Flow rate is one of the most important parameters in any liquid chromatography system, it determines retention time or volume and therefore has a major influence on reproducibility. The TESTA Analytical liquid chromatography flowmeter has set a new standard for non-invasive measurement of flow rate in HPLC, uHPLC and GPC/SEC systems.

The liquid chromatography flowmeter allows users to set the optimal integration time to suit different applications. For example - sampling data every 0.1 seconds is optimal for real-time monitoring of HPLC pump performance whereas sampling data every 10 seconds is best for absolute flow rate calibration.

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GPC/SEC Viscometer KitsWe are a leading supplier of high performance, high sensitivity GPC/SEC Viscometers. Our viscometer kits are proven to deliver benchmark performance in terms of sensitivity, stability and reliability. For many years we have supplied an optimised OEM varient of our viscometer kit to a leading global GPC/SEC instrumentation supplier. The quality of the viscometer products supplied exceeds even the most demanding exectations with a stunning failure statistic of ZERO since our partnership begun.

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Rapid Scanning UV Detector KitConcentration detection using UV absorpion is one of the oldest and most trusted methods in analytical chemistry. It has found wide application in chromatography instrumentation and increasing finds use in process applications. Approached by a company that delivers cutting edge technology solutions for control and optimization of polymerisation processes, we worked closely with the client to adapt our Rapid Scanning UV Detector to their exact needs. The resultant Rapid Scanning UV Kit has underlined its reliability integrated into our customers product even under harsh process conditions where it delivers the required data with impressive precision and accuracy.

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Remote Cell Rapid Scanning UV Detector KitTESTA Analytical Solutions has introduced a remote cell option for its Rapid Scanning UV Detector kit allowing this elegant OEM technology to be integrated into a wider range of industrial applications.
The Remote Cell option allows users to separate the measurement cell from the Rapid Scanning UV Detector kit using optical fibers up to 1000 mm long. This innovation enables highly accurate remote UV analysis to be made on process samples even under harsh process conditions that would make direct measurements almost impossible.

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Refractive Index Detectors are most commonly utilized to identify compounds with no UV Absorbance. As such, they find application in GPC/SEC for Differential Refractive Index Detectordetermination of polymer concentration but also very frequently are used for the detections of sugars and polysaccharides. The DRI Differential Refractive Index Detector shows excellent performance and sensibility and can be found in R&D and QC labs worldwide.

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For all static light scattering applications - dn/dc or the specific Batch Mode dn/dc Refractometerrefractive index increment is a crucial parameter for ensuring accurate and precise measurements of molecular weight. Developed and refined over many years our cutting edge dn/dc refractometer technology has been supplied as a critical component detector to an international leader in the Light Scattering field.

As a dynamic company we are constantly investing in research and development to adapt and improve upon existing and emergent chromatographic technologies to develop 'new kits' that we can adapt to optimally suit your needs.

The specific details of all OEM supply projects we are involved with are treated as company confidential. We welcome your OEM enquiries by clicking here or calling us on +49 30 864 24 076 for a free, no-commitment discussion.